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Lucy and Gisella in the springtime.

Lucy got up very early to walk over the fields to the farm, for a pail of milk. She was a little surprised on her return not to see Gisella who has been rising as early as she would for school, even though the school is taking a break for the harvest. She knew that last evening Gisella had spent with Ettie at Mrs Beauchamp’s Tor House, but thought that from her bed in the attic, later, she heard her return. Ettie has been sleeping over at Tor House quite often in the past few weeks to keep Mrs B company.

Half an hour later the other girls came down in various states of dress to have the first cup of tea and a slice of bread and dripping from Mrs B. None of them had seen Gisella either during the night, or that morning.

Rosina ran up to Tor House to check that Gisella was with Ettie and Mrs B, but she had left at nine o’clock. She never arrived home. Worry and consternation provoke the girls to ask widely around the small town after their dear friend and adopted sister.

They checked in the doctor’s rooms to see whether Gisella had collapsed, but she was neither there nor at the Verity Hospital where she had so well been nursed to health some months ago. They are puzzled, anxious and worried about her, and are finding it hard to settle to the tasks of the day. Lucy has left for work in the bakery leaving Ettie with Hope and Lottiepeg whilst Rosina, Keiko and G search the town and country around, making inquiries after Gisella.



L to R, Lucy, Rosina, G, Ethel, Sophia and Sarah Hitty




2 thoughts on “GISELLA

    • Gisella is still missing. As you can imagine, the Wren girls have spent a miserable week, with searches going on in the whole area.

      Mrs Beauchamp thinks she might have been kidnapped for the White Slave Trade. This doesn’t make our girls feel any happier! Although they love Mrs B and know she means for the best for them.

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