Mrs Beauchamp invited the girls to stay with her, in the house of a friend of hers near Ambleside in the Lake District. They spent a couple of nights in the house, but then sailed out in a dinghy to an island and camped for a couple of nights there.

They had learned to sail when in Maine with Grandma Mags a couple of years ago, and love the feeling of the wind and sun, the calculations of when to trim the sail and when to let out more, when to go about and when to gybe.

Their camp was really no more than a glorified bivouac – the tents proved to be rather dodgy, made by Bodgit & Bluffem in Norfolk. One tent kept on collapsing, unfortunately it was the edifice which was sheltering three girls, but the weather was clement and warm, so there was no serious difficulty.

A camp fire was made and fish which they caught were grilled over the wood, along with many cups of tea.

What a wonderful break from hard work, and thinking about what to do to eke out a living. How they rejoice in the kind friendship of Mrs Beauchamp!


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