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Gisella Found

Gisella is found! She was found by Mrs Beauchamp’s cook, Edie, as she went out to collect some bread early in the morning. Gisella was sitting by the village pump, a little dazed and confused. Edie took her up to Mrs Beauchamp’s house and put her to bed, summonsed the Hittys, and gave her some of her own chicken broth.

She tells a strange tale, though .. Inasmuch as she has spoken, which has been very little thus far. Something about going under the arch in the village that divides the medieval spring from the stone troughs on the street for horses/cattle, and humans, and the village pump. Something about dreaming she had gone to another age for ten years, and yet .. She has only been gone that many weeks. She was wearing a long robe, smelling strongly of wood smoke.

We hope she will tell us more in time. For now she appears to need a very good rest.

And here is a picture of her after a night’s rest, and cheered with the gift of a beautiful frock all the way from Canada, exquisitely stitched by our Quimper friends!



5 thoughts on “Gisella Found

  1. It’s so good to know that she is back in her home with friends and family…..her very own OZ tale is forthcoming!

  2. Many thanks to our Quimper friends – a little parcel arrived today with an exquisite frock-of-restoration within … made from a ladies’ handkerchief – Gisella seems very cheered with this beautiful frock! We are very grateful and impressed by the speed of the post…

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