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Grandma Mags and Tabitha return

Great rejoicings! Grandma Mags has returned from Minnesota along with Tabitha and her child. They took the boat from New York and arrived in Liverpool a few days ago, and after visiting Lillibet in London, made their way up to Wren Cottage by the mail coach, taking two days’ fast journey.

Grandma Mags had a difficult decision to make, for her sister Mrs Sag has been looking after a Dear Friend who really needs her help, and wanted to stay to help out. However the boat had been booked, and she felt she had been away too long now that the scatterings of her granddaughters were drawing to an end. Many of the girls went away with friends after the untimely death of their parents but had come together again. They did not realise that their source of income would collapse, and have been struggling these past few months to eke out a living doing various jobs.

The friendship with Mrs Beauchamp has been a great boon and help, but Grandma Mags felt her family needed their own Grandma to be with them. Tabitha has but recently come out of mourning for her sailor husband who was lost at sea in a terrible storm off the coast of Maine, and brings with her baby Johnny. Johnny never knew his father, for he was born posthumously. Tabitha looks a little serious, unsurprisingly. However, she was always very close with Gisella, and it is likely that it is with her that Gisella may find she can talk about her very unusual experiences recently.



Grandma Mags’s sister Mrs Sag (both formerly the Misses Cragg of York)

Mrs Sag close


4 thoughts on “Grandma Mags and Tabitha return

  1. Mags and Sag are a lovely pair of sisters. I hope they keep in touch with each other too, as theirs is obviously a special relationship…I love her canary shawl! Good luck with the wood-gathering and coal-gleaning (have they tried walking along the railway tracks to pick up lumps of coal?)

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