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Coastal heave

Something of a relocation occurred. Did you hear the noise as my imagination was torn from its roots and whizzed several decades of miles to the coast, transporting all the town, Mrs Beauchamp’s splendid house, the folly house and her ‘parklands’, to join the Harbourside Cottage? Did you hear the squeaks as the Hittys relocated through the ether?

Hittys do also have an affinity with the sea, with the nautical adventures of Ancestress Hitty. The Wren Cottagers have their own boat, and are proficient at manoeuvring it, especially adventurous ‘G’.

The Hittys seem to gravitate around the three homes – Keiko is more or less a permanent fixture at Mrs B’s because of her Japanese elegance of manners and sensibilities. Grandma Mags has so far been sleeping in the box bed in the Cottage.

They are all off this weekend to the Atticus household, guests of the famous diarist Pliny Atticus, who is a cousin of Mrs B. They are thrilling to the thought of all sleeping in one enormous bed with linen sheets, proper blankets and an eiderdown. They will also be attending a theatre performance in the company of a striped pink and white cat, well known to British readers as Bagpuss.  He’s always on the look out for a good story to add to his great store of them, to contribute on a wet and windy night.




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